Better Balance Counselling can help deal with a variety of issues and changes going on in your life.

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Relationship Counselling

It's perfectly normal for relationships to experience conflict. If anything, it's a desireable aspect of a relationship as it allows for growth and for developing coping skills for future trials. However, if conflict is becoming a central component of your relationship, if you feel that one or both of you are experiencing a void, or if you just can't seem to agree on the same direction, maybe a chat with your counsellor might help clear the air, or put you back onto a more desirable path.
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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy applies to all varieties of partnered relationships; marriages, de facto relationships (both gay and lesbian and heterosexual), as well as newly formed relationships.
Common couple issues include anything from difficulty in adjusting to life transitions (e.g moving in with each other, having a baby etc.), difficulty in dealing with life stressors (e.g. job loss, finances, differing parental views), difficulties in communicating, difficulty in finding a life/work balance, to abuse and domestic violence.
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Depression is a problematic issue for all different types of individuals; it does not discriminate against whom it affects and it's presence can be severely debilitating.
Are you:
> Feeling tired for no reason?
> Being weighed down with feelings of worthlessness?
> Having trouble sleeping, or sleeping more than you usually would?
> Withdrawing from your usual activities?
> Feeling like everything is a struggle and/or too stressful?
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Anxiety Counselling

Like depression, anxiety is also becoming more and more common and more recognised.
If you find yourself in situations that cause you fear, even though realistically you know you are not in harm and you're experiencing symptoms, such as;
> sweating
> dizziness
> a racing heart
> sweaty palms
> shortness of breath
> feelings of uncontrollable fear (among other things), anxiety counselling can help you.
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Addictions Counselling

Addictions come in varying forms; alcohol, drugs, gambling, the internet, porn, sex, shopping and work, to name a few.
All areas of addiction have the same factor in common; they becoming increasingly difficult to stop, and they begin controlling your life.
Counselling can intervene at any stage; when you've started feeling addicted to something, right until the point that you've relapsed and need to get back on track.
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Parenting Counselling

Being a parent arguably comes with more pros and cons than any other situation in your life.
During the positive moments; it can reward you with benefits you had never imagined possible, a love that overwhelms you and a sense of purpose that you hadn’t felt prior to having a child.
However, it can also be the most taxing and stressful job that, at times, leaves you drained, sometimes unsure and lost, and continually questioning if your approach is best for your child.
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Life Cycle Changes

Life is all about changes, expected or otherwise. They encompass everything from meeting someone romantically, to marriage, to the birth of a child, starting school, moving out or moving houses, changing jobs, schools, loss of job, to the end of relationships, as well as everything in between.
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Whatever the issue, Better Balance Counselling can assist you in coping with it.
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