Relationships can be the most rewarding aspect of your life, they can come with an abundance of issues. When significant ones (for example, being unable to communicate effectively), negatively impact your relationship and result in conflict, sometimes a step back is needed in able to realistically view the relationship.

Along with changes within the relationship, such as life changes, static elements can also affect the relationship. For instance, patterns are formed at the start of, and throughout the relationship, which can affect how the relationship functions during times of stress.

At Better Balance Counselling, we offer a supportive and empathetic environment where you and your partner are given an opportunity to share each of your individual viewpoints so that the exact areas of concern for the couple as a whole can be identified and worked on.

We use a variety of techniques, as well as attentive listening, so that areas such a communication, problem solving skills and self awareness can be improved.

Please contact us now if you’re interested in hearing more about couples therapy, or would like to take a step in improving the way you and you partner interact.