Families can be the most supportive network in your life, and/or your most problematic one. Given that given that a group of different individuals (both blood related and otherwise), come together and try to combine (or impose) their personal views, it’s not surprising that family conflict is a very common factor.

However, if your family unit is struggling to co-exist, in constant conflict, or coping with any forms of loss/change, sometimes an outsiders assistance can be invaluable.

The way in which you and your family members interact can be both positive and negative, but if they are progressively more negative, then having a mutually biased counsellor (i.e. someone who takes into the accounts of every individual family member) present while you and your family discuss your situation may be just what is needed to motivate change.

Family Therapy aims to highlight and use the strengths of all the family members, as well as the family as a whole, to bring about a better support system. And change can begin uninterrupted focus is given to the interactions between family members, recognising where issues lie (without ‘blaming’ individual members) and thereafter attempting a new way of addressing situations.

At Better Balance Counselling we offer a safe, objective and mutually-respectful environment where we encourage all family members to come together and voice their opinions. We encourage all other members to actively listen, and take on board each individual’s viewpoint so that everyone has an understanding of where the issue(s) may lie.

If you’re experiencing anger issues within your family, dealing with a loss, feeling frustrated by the lack of communication or understanding within your family, or have a family who just can’t accept how things are, we can help.

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